Therapeutic Services

What Should I expect from the Service?

A focus on you is the start.  It’s about your needs, your time, your privacy, your safety, your budget, your health and wellness, and your results.  The work is internally focused, we are here to act as your Sherpa, your guide through the process.

You can choose a single session or a multi session program that fits your budget. You will be provided an in-take form to help guide us in creating a custom program just for you. The first session is ideally 90 minutes long and includes a review of your health/wellness history, your wellness objectives, your physical, energetic, emotional and in some cases, spiritual state.  We couple that with your understanding of the yoga therapy process and engaging in an initial session of movement, breath work and more.   At each session, you will be provided home therapy work, specific to you and your wellness.  Subsequent sessions range from 60 to 75 minutes in length.

Depending on your condition, our tools include

  • Movement Practices:  Breath with MovementRestorative, Somatic, and Joint Freeing, Structural and Ayuryoga Therapy
  • Meditation and Yoga Nidra
  • Ayurvedic Assessments and Lifestyle Management
  • Chakra/Mind Therapy
  • Stress Management Tools

What is the cost of the Service?

We have a single session fee of $115 and several multi-session discount packages. Our rates are reasonable for the services we offer. However, we want our services to be available to those in need and may not be able to afford them. Please talk to us about your financial situation and if a discount is needed. We do not accept insurance at this time, but you may be eligible to use your Health Care Spending account for our services.  For fee information or to schedule a therapeutic session, use the contact form to reach Nancy or call her directly at 303.725.1434.  As the facilitator of our private wellness business, Nancy will work with you directly.

Do you focus on my specific condition/s?

Our focus covers a broad spectrum of wellness care.

  • Depression, anxiety & stress reduction and management
  • Wellness care during and after disease – disease management
  • Neurological support; Parkinson’s and POTS disorder
  • Respiratory, digestive & circulatory health
  • Breathing  Therapy for those with restricted breath capacity or currently on oxygen
  • Cancer Therapy
  • Structural Yoga Therapy
  • Hospice care & post surgical therapy

What distinguishes a qualified yoga therapist from a yoga instructor?

While many “poses” of yoga have a therapeutic effect, this alone does not qualify as yoga therapy.  The IAYT yoga therapist certification-the “C-IAYT”-is an important professional credential for yoga therapy practitioners, and a significant indication of professional attainment. IAYT has developed the C-IAYT credential and its associated service mark so that the public, healthcare practitioners, healthcare organizations, governmental agencies,and other individuals and entities can readily identify yoga therapists who have attained C-IAYT status.

Nancy Levenson is a C-IAYT.  You can verify the credentials directly through the IAYT website directory.   Click and research member directory and make sure who you select carries the C-IAYT credentials — it’s the best way to insure you are in the right hands and on the right mat.

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Our clients say it best…

 As a yoga therapist working one on one with clients, nothing is more rewarding than seeing a transformation occur for a client.  My doors are open to anyone, in any condition seeking an opportunity to step on the path to reconnecting with their true self. See what clients are saying about the service:

Parkinson’s – “I began therapeutic yoga sessions with Nancy after I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.  She has an excellent knowledge of the human body and within weeks I was making significant progress in improving my nervous system.  Nancy is a teacher of mind, body and spirit and of the many valuable things she has taught me, being hopeful is right at the top of the list!  My neurologist tells me he can barely tell that I have Parkinson’s and I have Nancy to thank for that because she is a huge contributor to my good health.” – Sandy N.

Anxiety – “Both my daughter and I can only sing your praises!  Being able to work individually with Nancy on specific health issues provided an enormous and immediate benefit to overall well being.  Nancy was able to assess and understand the situation as well as provide specific tools to support improvement in the first session.  As we worked with Nancy, and learned more about ourselves and the way prana flows in our bodies, the improvement progressed rapidly. To progress from 28 breaths per minute to full yoga breathing in just 8 weeks is testimony in itself.  Practice is the key and is the reason we call it a ‘yoga practice’, but the ability of the teacher to assess, understand, and then provide the correct practice for the students needs is crucial.  Nancy is fantastic to work with.  We can’t recommend her highly enough.”  – K.R. & M.R.

General Wellness – “You have been an integral part of my health and wellness for the past 3 1/2 years – you are truly gifted at what you do.  You have amazing access to the Spirit, and the way in which you guide others to this source of energy, love and light is incredible. ” – Katie N.

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