Therapeutic Yoga Meditation for Connective Tissue

All of the cells and tissues of the body are interconnected, held together by connective tissue. This tissue forms an amazing web inside the body. Most of us know about tendons, ligaments, muscles, and bones, but our connective tissue remains a mystery. It stretches from within each cell and ever single organ of the body. It’s everywhere from the base of our toes to the top of our head. It is our body’s internal fabric. In yoga, we work to open the connective tissue to allow it to gradually open from stiffness or tightness towards a pliable and flexible structure. We use our yoga postures to open the front lines, back lines, spiral lines and back to front lines of the body and each time we open these lines, we allow our connective tissue to soften, move, expand, and contract. The next time you are embodying yoga, try to feel these deeper tissues of your being, move your awareness deep inside to the level of connective tissue. I offer you the following 25 minute meditation to take you into their inner awareness of this vital and beautiful web inside each of us.

Click here to listen:  Connective Tissue Meditation by Nancy Levenson


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