Bone Health and Downward Facing Dog

Bone Health and Downward Facing Dog

We may not think about our bones very often, but at this time of year, it’s easy to see our skeleton everywhere. Yoga is a great vehicle for supporting the health of our bones. Let’s explore a few bone facts and take a look at Downward Facing Dog, one pose that activates every bone of the body.

• Bones are a living and active part of the body
• On average, your entire skeleton is renewed every 10 years
• 1 million sites are operating at any given moment in the skeleton
• Osteoclasts chew at our bones and Osteoblasts build the bone back up
• But when Osteoclasts start outpacing Osteoblasts, we start to lose bone
• Osteoporosis – literally, porous bone. It is a progressive loss of bone that results in bone thinning and increased vulnerability for the “F”WORD – Fracture.

Applying pressure to the bones and stimulation of the bones is helpful for bone growth and strength. Downward Facing Dog invites us to explore our entire skeletal system all at once, both the axial and appendicular skeletal systems are activated. All 206 bones of the body play a role in this pose. Step into the pose now and notice how each bone responds. Sense every bone from your skull down through the small bones of the hands and feet. Sense the strength in the large bones of the legs, as they rest inside the hip sockets and pelvis. Feel the freeing energy as it releases through your back body, travelling down the sacrum, through the spine, ribs, meeting at the scapula. Hold the pose for several breaths, bringing to mind the action of each bone.

And just like that, we stimulated every bone of the body.


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