NamasteWorks Free YOGA in the Park – Saturday May 28, 2016 – Opening Day

Claim Your Space and Reclaim Your roots this Saturday in an Intimate Dance with Self as we take to the mat or the Earth in our opening day, morning practice.

Taught in a breath with movement Vinyasa style, this practice celebrates its 8th year of welcoming both beginners and seasoned yogis alike. This program is offered FREE, with the ultimate intention of creating a happier and more joyful you. Meet Nancy Levenson your guide for this Saturday’s practice.  Nancy is founder and the creative spirit behind NamasteWorks Yoga + Wellness. Last year, over 3,000 participants were inspired to roll out their mat and join us in the weekly community event.

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Beginning Saturday, May 28 through August 6, residents age 18 and over can participate in an hour long practice each Saturday morning from 8:15-9:15, with only a few minor date exceptions. NO sessions will be held June 11 or 25 due to other commitments in the park. Sessions are held at Civic Green Park, located at 9730 Ridgeline Road, Highlands Ranch, CO, adjacent to the Highlands Ranch Public Library.  Come early to fill out the waiver and claim your spot on Mother Earth.

Wandering in the Wilderness and Discovering My Spirit Animal

“The wanderer seeks to discover her unique and authentic place in life.” – Bill Plotkin

Throughout our lives we make sacred contracts with ourselves.  When we venture into the wilderness, we find that some of those may need to be renewed, altered, or may not have been a contract all along.  When we wander, it provides us the time to observe what is around and within us.  I recently spent time in the desert, an exploration of sorts, not sure what I was seeking, but nonetheless, discovered so much about self.

When we take the time to be still, silent and in nature we witness with a deeper clarity the world around and within us.  The desert was dark at night and the cabin I rented provided no window treatments, after all it was in the middle of nowhere.  Something about this eeriness challenged my comfort level.  What was I truly afraid of and why was it showing up now, here, in the dark?  The following morning was glorious, sunshine beamed through those same windows that hugged the darkness around me the night before.  I ventured off that morning to a beautiful rock for relaxation, contemplation and spiritual wisdom.  Upon leaving I encountered the footprints of a mountain lion.  Even there, in the light, the darkness enveloped me once again.   I questioned why something as simple as a footprint sent fear through my psyche?  Was I able to defend myself?  Was I even prepared?  What if I needed to defend another, would I even have the strength to battle anymore?

Mountain Lion

It was here that I was awakened to my spirit animal, the Mountain Lion, the Puma, and the Cougar.  Like a solitary hunter, I was reminded to avoid any sudden move or act of impulse and to truly observe my surroundings, my strengths and my weaknesses.  So much prana flew through me, much like a Kundalini rising.  I could sense my own personal power and set an intention to guard myself at all costs.  In my teachings, one of the first things we learn when faced with a fear, is to bring ourselves back to neutral, back to balance, back into the earth.  As the heat rose in my body, it was important to reground and cool myself down.  What was I really out here to battle anyway?

The eyes of the mountain lion are deep, filled with many past lives, past conquers, and defeats.  I felt my own eyes develop this intensity of awareness and insight.  My steps were soft, my moves deliberate, and my inner guidance system on high alert.  I meandered back to the cabin with a renewed strength and discovered that nothing can bring you into the present moment like wandering through the wilderness.  Many discoveries unfolded on this trip, including the union with my spirit animal.


About Nancy Levenson:  Nancy’s mantra is helping others Discover Yoga as a Healing Art and their personal path to their wellness. She is founder of NamasteWorks Yoga + Wellness.  She explores the tools, history, philosophy and science of yoga in working with clients to discover their own innate healing process. If she could, she would sprinkle JOY in everyone’s life and remind them of their own true nature as a path to wholeness.

She loves guiding yoga retreats all over the world and has recently added private one-on-one desert excursions and private retreats for clients to explore their own contracts, soul wisdom and spirit animal through a practice called, SOULSutras.

The Yoga of Non-Doing Encourages Self Renewal

Can you think of the last time you were doing nothing?  Literally doing nothing, allowing your body and mind to fully release?  Today, so many of us are on a non-stop journey moving from one situation to the next that we have little if no  opportunity to recharge our personal batteries, replenish our life force and rejuvenate our personal energy.   Much like the technology that we surround ourselves with, without recharging, we too become susceptible to stress, run on empty and eventually are unable to function due to illness or fatigue.

Restorative yoga is helping many individuals learn a new practice of just being, just allowing, and dropping into profound surrender. This style of yoga permits active relaxation that allows individuals to lose all sense of time and place, through props, breathing and meditation.  It allows for an opportunity to slow down from the inherent pace of life, to open the body gently, and bring the mind to a relaxed state.  If you have not explored this form of yoga, you will find that it is yoga of being, rather than doing. 

Unlike a traditional yoga session, this form of yoga invites you to move deeper into levels of relaxation through the use of props; blankets, pillows, bolsters, blocks, and more.  The props provide support to create passive openings to the body and allow in self-renewal.  Restorative yoga uses very little muscular effort and simply focuses on legging go, inviting the breath and mind to become more integrated with the body, and allow for healing and self-renewal to take place. 

The art of self renewal is permission to love ourselves and honor the need to ensure our overall well-being and optimal health toward ourselves.  Finding a way to continually replenish our energy is a gift to our body, mind and spirit and not only serves us, but everyone.

NamasteWorks Yoga + Wellness, located in Old Town Littleton will be offering a new four week session of restorative yoga beginning October 14 and running through November 4th for only $79.  In just four weeks, this Friday night, 5:45-7:00 pm, restorative yoga session can offer a transformational effect to body and soul with supported postures, blissful breathing and deep meditation.  The practice will be led by Renee Carrillo, a 200HR Yoga Therapist who will help participants discover the fine art of non-doing.  Explore this mini-renewal series by claiming your space now and emerge released from the daily stress of doing and arrive in the art of being. 

To register send a request through our contact form or call 303.725.1434. 

NamasteWorks Yoga + Wellness is located at 5680 S. Curtice Street, Littleton, CO 80120 and can also be reached by phone at 303.725.1434.  This wellness center is by appointment only, not a walk-in facility.

Enhancing Mood with Mudras, Movement and Meditation

Enhancing Mood with Mudras, Movement and Meditation – One Day Only
June 11, 8:30-10:30 am, $19.

Explore your primal nature in this two hour blended yoga class. We will go on a journey through free form movement of the body blending yoga, somatics and ballet, finding and moving the breath with mudras and dropping into a deep meditative state with Yoga Nidra – all in an effort to enhance mood, release stress and find joy! Taught by Nancy Levenson of NamasteWorks Yoga + Wellness. 5860 S. Curtice Street, Littleton. RSVP required, no drops in, class limited to ten. To Register send an email via the contact form or call 303.725.1434.

 Nancy specializes in yoga therapy for depression and respiratory ailments.

The 5 Pranavayus – Opening to Lightness and Joy – June 8

One Evening ONLY
Wednesday June 8, 2011
5:30-7:30 pm, $19 

Discover the exhilarating joy of mastering your internal winds (the breath/prana) to provide vitality to your body, breath and mind.  If you desire to enhance your overall respiratory, digestive and circulatory health, then join this evening workshop on the ancient yogic mastery of The 5 Pranavayus.  In this two hour experiential and informational evening you will discover that Prana is the radiance of life itself, the moving force behind sensation, the tool to dispel of impurities, and the source to bring balance back to the body. You will be given a map for this holistic journey. 

Taught by Nancy Levenson, yoga therapist of NamasteWorks Yoga + Wellness.  5860 S. Curtice Street, Littleton.  RSVP required, no drops in, class limited to ten. To reserve a spot, send an email through the contact form or call 303.725.1434.

Join us on a Week-long Organic Cooking, Yoga, and Meditation Experience in Tuscany, Italy, September 8-14, 2012

Every morning we will start our day with a yoga practice on the grounds of our villa.  We’ll visit local organic farms, step into the kitchen, put on our aprons and learn to cook flavoursome, healthy food using the freshest local seasonal ingredients, and understand the benefits of mindful eating as we savour the results together, washed down with delicious biodynamic wine. Buon appetito!


A cooking school, and much more

Read more

Discover Yoga as a Healing Art


Heal your body, Ease your emotions, Restore your spirt and Reclaim your true self.  Discover how the ancient path of yoga can help bring you to optimal wellness in one of our many classes being offered in 2011.  Some of our 2011 classes include; Yoga for Back Care, Yoga for Balance and Breath, Breath with Movement Yoga, Plus-Size Yoga, Yoga for Breast Cancer, and The Joyful Warrior for Depression.  Classess, workshops and private yoga therapy are all offerend at the center in addition to teacher training.  Visit our classes tab for full details.

Earthing and Prana Vidya

I am in praise of the new book, Earthing by Clinton Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D. and Martin Zucker. A few months back I wrote an article entitled, “Lying Mindfully on the Earth.” In this article, I shared with you the importance of getting down and lying mindfully on the earth daily to connect with a convergence of two energies, the feminine, yin energy of the Earth and the masculine, yang, energy of the sky as a source of healing our bodies.

Earthing takes this exploration even further and explores the concept of reducing inflammation naturally by equalizing our body’s energy with that of the Earth’s. The subhead on the book reads “The most important health discovery ever?” I believe the authors have an important message to share, a message that many civilizations have known for centuries, known as grounding.

In my yoga therapy practice grounding a client is one of the first processes we discover together. Although the Earth serves as a major tool to ground and heal, many other tools are available to ground a client in yoga therapy. First, we may work to connect with the client’s Apana Vayu, the downward movement of prana through the body. Apana Vayu roots and grounds our energy, allowing us to feel anchored into the Earth. This downward current of energy nourishes the low abdomen, pelvis, eliminatory and reproductive systems of the body. Carefully choosing appropriate pranayama, asana and mudras allow the client to not only heal, but actually sense this downward current of energy throughout their physical body.

My theory is that energetically, prana holds the key to all healing. Utilize the knowledge to control your prana with the ability to equalize your body to the Earth and you have two very powerful tools to achieve optimal health. I highly recommend Earthing as a must-read for anyone considering a way to ground and heal their physical and energetic bodies.

© Namasteworks Yoga + Wellness, LLC. Founder, Nancy Levenson, Serving the Highlands Ranch and Littleton, CO communities.


A Personal Journey by Barbara Bloodgood – Breast Cancer Instructor at NamasteWorks Yoga + Wellness

There are days that are etched forever in our memories ….a special date, September 11th, the death of a beloved family member. Our capacity to recall, relive, and renew are among the greatest gifts we possess.

July 4, 2002 is that date for me. I was diagnosed with breast cancer – out of the blue, without family history, and a healthy, strong body, I was thrown into the rigors of surgeries, chemo and radiation.

Physically, I was strong and coped incredibly well with all the medical procedures. Emotionally, I had staunch and undying support and devotion from my husband, and friends who rallied, comforted and supported me, which was heart-warming and radiant. My battle was spirituality and faith. I lived by the golden rule, I played fair, and I lived a moral and ethical life. It was as if my 52 year old heart which had always been content, actually blissful and certainly at peace had been removed as surely as the tumor. Eager to be well, doing all that was medically possible, I found myself carrying a lifeless heart. Read more

New Therapeutic Yoga Center Opens in Littleton, Colorado

NamasteWorks Yoga + Wellness opens its doors to a new Therapeutic Yoga Center in Littleton, this October at 5860 South Curtice St. The new center will serve as a place to Discover Yoga As A Healing Art.

This warm and supportive space, housed inside a refurbished home built in 1906, is designed to bring true healing and growth for those desiring to move from dis-ease towards optimal health and those desiring a more classical approach to yoga. The center’s primary focus is providing respiratory, circulatory, stress-related, and anxiety based therapeutic yoga services, small group breath with movement classes, and private sessions.

The center also offers targeted programs, like The Healing Ribbon™ a therapeutic yoga approach to Breast Cancer, led by breast cancer survivor and trained breast cancer yoga instructor, Barbara Bloodgood and The Joyful Warrior™ a program for women with depression, seasonal affective disorder or just seeking to find more JOY in life.

The center provides easy access to Littleton and Highlands Ranch residents. For more information about the center and any upcoming programs visit our classes and workshops page or stop by the Open House, Saturday October 23 from 11-2p.

(c) Namasteworks Yoga + Wellness, LLC. Founder, Nancy Levenson, Serving the Highlands Ranch and Littleton, CO communities.