Luminous Connections of the Koshas – A Pathway to Health & Wellness

Yoga invites us to pay attention to the many luminous connections that exist within the five dimensions of our being; body, breath, mind, spirit and bliss.  These five dimensions are known in yoga as the Five Koshas or sheath bodies; Annamaya Kosha, Pranamaya Kosha, Manomaya Kosha, Vijnanamaya Kosha and the Anandamaya Kosha.   It’s through this exploration of Koshas, that we experience the true holistic power of yoga and healing.   

From the moment we step onto the mat, we given an opportunity to notice the luminous connections of our self to the space and others around us.  Our journey begins with Annamaya Kosha, the physical body.  The Annamaya Kosha is comprised of all our physical systems; skeletal, circulatory, nervous, respiratory, endocrine, digestive, etc. and incorporates the Ayurvedic constitutions of our body.  It is also the “seen” body and gives us our physical qualities.  In the west,  it is our most familiar sheath, the one that initially encouraged each of us to step into yoga.  But yoga is beyond just the physical fitness aspect that many of us first explore.  It’s a pathway toward wellness and wholeness.   

Take a moment now to sense the space below you, the foundation that supports you and then bring awareness to the space above you.  Find yourself rooted and anchored in the center of these two planes.  Notice how the body is suspended or held in this space.  Then, begin to pay attention to the beautiful connection between the base of the spine and the top of your skull, the perineum and the heart, the heart and the throat, the throat and the forehead and the forehead and crown of the head .  Allow each of these centers to offer you an opportunity to drop into body awareness, to sense and feel from within the relationship of these connections.  This inner awareness invites us to explore our body and become more in-tune with each sensation and feeling.   Notice if you sense yourself floating towards the space above you, or sinking into the space below you.  Can you sense if your body has a beginning point, or perhaps and end point, or do no points exist at all?  Begin to sense if the body feels heavy and weighted or light and airy, strong or weak, flexible or stiff, comfortable in the space it occupies or seeking relief and movement into another position.

Body awareness is one method to explore your Annamaya/physical body.  Other strategies include yoga asana, postures, healthy diet, somatic movement, rest, and relaxation.    Through this awareness we awaken the physical body in preparation to receive the other dimensions of our being.  Ultimately we seek to bring all Five Koshas into balance.  To learn more about integration of your Five Koshas to achieve optimal wellness, consider private yoga therapy, where you will Discover Yoga as a Healing Art, not just fitness.  Move, Breathe, Think, Seek and Enjoy a better space in your life.

NamasteWorks Yoga and Wellness is located in a private in-home studio, in Highlands Ranch, CO 80129. 303.725.1434.  We are not a walk-in studio, rather a private space – A Place to Discover Yoga as a Healing Art.  Visit us at  Nancy Levenson is a 1000 HR Integrative Yoga Therapy Therapist, and certified Ayuryoga and Restorative Yoga Instructor. 


FAMILYBOND Child & Parent Yoga Series



Saturday, June 23, June 30 and July 7

9:30-10:30 am

Only $59

This joyful summer yoga practice focuses on creating strong bonds between parent and child. Experience a unique blend of yoga, mindfulness activities, storytelling, guided imagery and relaxation techniques that will engage the heart, mind and body of both parent and child.

Taught by Renee Carrillo, a trained 200 HR Yoga Instructor with a therapeutic focus, she intends to bring her vast knowledge of yoga combined with her years of working with young people in the Littleton School District to deliver morning joy for both parent and child. Bring water, mats provided, no supplies needed. 

Children must be between the ages of 6-11.  This is not a kids-only yoga class.  Children must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or guardian in class, as our center is not child-proof.  Parent and/or guardian will also be required to sign a waiver of participation.

SPACE IS LIMITED.  Classes are limited to a maximum of twelve parents with child.  Sessions start promptly at 9:30, so arrive at least 10 minutes early to set up and be ready to roll out the mat. NamasteWorks Yoga and Wellness is located in a vintage home, at 5860 S. Curtice Street, Old Town Littleton, Colorado. 

TO REGISTER, please send an email to or call 303.725.1434.   We will send you a confirmation email with pre-payment instructions. 

NamasteWorks Yoga + Wellness, 5860 S. Curtice St., Littleton, CO 80120. We are not a walk-in studio, and offer private group classes, individual sessions and workshops for our clients. Also offering 200HR Integrative Yoga Therapy Teacher Training and Free Yoga in the Park – Highlands Ranch.  All classes require a RSVP. – A Place to Discover Yoga as a Healing Art.

Maitri – Using Yoga Therapy to Open to the Self

by:  Nancy Levenson, 500 E-RYT, 1,000 PYT,  Professional Yoga Therapist

This week our clients leaned into themselves, developing a connection with Maitri, (Sanskrit: an unconditional friendship and love of oneself).  It’s easy to forget that self love and friendship is our starting point to exploring and expanding ourselves out into the world. It is through our own awareness of noticing and celebrating our positive self, qualities, skills, and way of being, that can embrace others with the same self love and unconditional friendship. Like carrying around two spheres, one inside ourselves and one outside ourselves, we learn how to find the center where the two spheres merge into one.

In our yoga therapy center, we work with clients to allow all of our desires, emotions and fears to unfold and open like the Lotus flower.  We delve deep inside the Manomaya Kosha, discovering lessons that we’ve learned and have yet to learn.  We develop a deep understanding of how our lessons become spiritual awakenings on our path to embracing our self and ultimately embracing a world with open arms and compassion. Can you sit with your own self in Maitri?  Take the time to explore this five minute meditation into self.

NamasteWorks Yoga Maitri Meditation

Can you sit in the company of self?
Drop into your inner silence
Peel away the layers of your being
And see that gem that lies deep within

Can you meditate with self?
Open to your own heart, your own emotions
Touch the very essence of your soul
And step away from all that was, to be fully present now

Can you dive deep inside?
Explore the unconditional love of the one you sit with now
Accept compassion and friendship
And all of your experiences as they arise

Open yourself up to the bliss of self
What pierces your heart with love, fear, joy, sadness?
What is calling you from deep inside?
And how can you best serve you

Enter the crucible of Maitri
The unconditional friendship with oneself
Sit in silence, just allow, and just listen
You may discover a beautiful being has been with you all along


©NamasteWorks Yoga + Wellness, 5860 S. Curtice St., Littleton, CO 80120. We are not a walk-in studio, and offer private group classes, individual sessions and workshops for our clients. Also offering 200HR Integrative Yoga Therapy Teacher Training and Free Yoga in the Park – Highlands Ranch.  All classes require a RSVP. – A Place to Discover Yoga as a Healing Art.