A special Halloween Class – The Mask I Wear

A special Halloween Class – The Mask I Wear

Come join us as we take you on a magical journey of deep meditation into your inner characters followed by yoga movement and poetic creativity.  You’ll delight in a different way to celebrate the many masks you wear.  Please come with a Halloween face mask, your yoga mat and eye pillow and a whimsical spirit. Your spirit guides for the night will be Nancy Levenson and Courtney O’Malley.


Date:  Thursday, October 26
Time:  6-8PM
Location:  NamasteWorks Yoga + Wellness Studio – 8981 Stonecrest Way – Highlands Ranch, CO 80129
Cost:  $19 per person, adults only

RSVP:  Via the contact form or call 303.725.1434

NamasteWorks Yoga + Wellness is a private yoga studio located in the heart of Highlands Ranch.  Come Discover Yoga as a Healing Art.

Senior Yoga – Not Me

The path I walk is one of inspiring seniors to restore optimal health through mind, body and spirit practice. The path is filled with compassion and love for the elders I teach and the joy I receive in return. I’m often looked upon with a quizzical look, a raised eyebrow, a scrunched forehead a far off stare or the words “not me”, as I tell others about my passion in teaching seniors. 

My current students cover a wide spectrum of ages, from 50 to 90, with some classes boosting an average age of 82. It’s these lovely souls – in their later years in life – that I find most enriching in guiding me in my growth as a teacher.

To work with this age segment, one must possess a keen awareness of the aged body, mind and spirit. The body is capable of restoring itself into flexibility, balance and strength. I tell my students often, “that yoga is the turtle in the race to optimal health.” They may not see progress week to week, but at the end of a year, they surprise themselves with the changes their bodies have made.

The mind and spirit also grow through yoga practice. Seniors are at a time in their life when they want to learn and experience new modalities and avenues of health creation. When depressed, saddened, or facing one of life’s many challenges, they learn to grown stronger, realizing their yoga practice is much more than a workout, it’s also a work-in. And, beyond that it’s a community.

I am forever blessed by the many seniors who have appeared on my path. They have taken me on a journey I never expected.  And if you find yourself saying, “Senior Yoga – Not Me”, send them my way.