Scientifically Proven Benefits of Nature

Scientifically Proven Benefits of Nature

Spring is coming and with it warmer temperatures luring us to spend time outdoors. You may feel as though life is too busy, work is too demanding right now, or that your family’s schedule is too full to take the time to spend outdoors, but Business Insider Magazine recently published an articlethat provides 11 powerful reasons to create space in your life for more nature. According to this article,  more productivity, more creativity, increased happiness, increased satisfaction with life, less stress, better concentration and being generally healthier are just a few of the many benefits you can expect to receive if you choose to be in nature.

So, what would it take for you to include nature in your daily life? NamasteWorks Outdoors is now offering half day and full day retreats as well as camping excursions for women. Consider what amazing things might happen in your life if you said yes to you and your wellness and joined us on one of our nourishing adventures. Click here to learn more

Read all 11 scientifically proven reasons to spend time in nature by Business Insider Magazine.

Courtney O’Malley is a nationally certified counselor who draws upon her therapy experience, mind/body practices, and group counseling techniques to invite people to discover their true self and connection to nature. She guides nature-based self-discovery programs and retreats in the mountains of Colorado.

NamasteWorks Outdoors makes it simple for you to meet yourself naturally. Our nature-based programs are designed to help you uncover a deeper unity with self and nature through our full day retreats, camping excursions, and self-discovery multi-day retreats.

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