NamasteWorks Outdoors makes it simple for you to meet yourself in new ways.  Our nature-based programs are designed to help you uncover a deeper unity with self and nature. Through our day retreats, camping excursions, and self-discovery multi-day retreats, you will leave the civilized world behind to engage with nature and the mystery of the inner soul.  We believe that awakening to your sacred self is an affirmation to cultivate harmony in your life.


“Meeting Yourself Naturally”  –  Click on one of the images below for our program offerings and upcoming dates.








Each program is custom designed to enable you to meet yourself naturally.  Feel fully free to express yourself in every dimension of your life as you participate with nature walks, mind/body practices, journaling, reflection, mindfulness, creative expression, joyful movement, time in and out of community, and so much more.  Together, we will use nature’s call to enrich our self-awareness and connection. We can’t promise transformation, but sometimes it just magically happens.

If you are longing to embark on a nourishing adventure, then we invite you to join us on one of the NamasteWorks Outdoors self-discovery programs.