Self-Discovery Multi-Day Retreats

Our Multi-Day retreats are the deepest of our three offerings.  You will leave the world behind and step into an inner oasis in one of our hand selected nature-based locations.  Our inspiring retreats invite you to listen deeply to yourself and the environment as you partner and immerse yourself with nature, explore ritual dance, embody yoga, mindfulness and meditation, savor and awaken the five senses, carve out time for play and relaxation, cherish new friendships, and delve into your own sacred and creative expression. If you are ready to step back from your day-to-day to surround yourself with beauty and nature, then we encourage you to join us on our next transformative and spiritual self-discovery retreat.

The sacred purpose of travel is to wake up to what is right here

Awakening Your Inner Wildness Camping Retreat – August 4-6, Golden Gate Canyon State Park, Colorado.

Details coming soon