Final Day of FREE YOGA IN THE PARK 2015 – Highlands Ranch, Colorado


Yoga is an opportunity to Let Life Touch You! To feel life, be affected by it, moved and shaped by life at every turn. We start by letting the breath touch us, then community, then body, then magically our spirit is also touched.

Let Life Touch You on the mat for this final practice of the summer. We invite everyone in the community, all ages, and all levels of experience to show up, burn brightly, live passionately and connect to touching your true source.

Our final practice is led by Jena Sawyer with Nancy Levenson, Jenny Clark, Barbara Bloodgood and a few more, as we bid goodbye to summer.

This program has been offered FREE of charge to the community for seven years now by NamasteWorks Yoga + Wellness, LLC.  Join us from 8:15-9:15 at Civic Green Park, located at 9370 Ridgeline Road, Highlands Ranch, CO, located by the main library.NamasteWorks Free Yoga in the Park 2014 Opening Day 112

NamasteWorks Yoga + Wellness is a place to Discover Yoga as a Healing Art at our private sanctuary located in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. If you would like Discover the secret to your wellness, call Nancy Levenson, Professional Yoga Therapist,  for a private consultation.

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