“Fall in love with the back of your cereal box” – Jerry Seinfeld

“Fall in love with the back of your cereal box” – Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld has been making people laugh for years from his comedy show to his self-named television series. Although he is most known for his ability to make people burst into uncontrollable fits laughter, occasionally his antidotes make us pause and consider its deeper meaning. His quote, “Fall in love with the back of your cereal box”, is one of those. On the surface, we may shake our heads with a smile on our face and think, “what?” But, what if we lived our lives in such a way that when we looked at something we see every day, such as our cereal box, we actually noticed the details? So often, we hurry from one thing to another throughout our day without really noticing what is going on around us. We don’t take the time to pause and notice the many different shades of green on the new leaves, or the way the sun illuminates the blades of prairie grass putting on a tremendous show of light, or the free symphony performed by the birds. These things are going on around us all the time, but so often we are in such a hurry or are just too preoccupied with life to notice.

When we take the time to pause and notice the details we live into a more vibrant life. We are filling ourselves with beauty and the result is gratitude, creativity and radiance. Join us; take a few hours out of your busy life and invest in yourself. With your camera in tow, we will replenish your soul by taking the time to capture the details we see on the outside and relate it to the beauty on the inside. Pause, breathe in beauty, exhale stress, capture moments, be in awe of the details of world you live in and your amazing self.

During this four-hour program, you will develop a candid relationship with nature as you explore the beauty of the Highline Canal. With camera in tow, you will be guided to discover the great outdoors and capture the field of the natural world and how these images relate to your inner world of joy. This program includes a 3-mile round-trip hike to capture nature’s images, time for self-contemplation, time with community and exploring nature in story and texture. After this morning experience, you will leave with greater vibrancy and intimacy with nature, self and a beautiful heartfelt smile. Click here to find out more.

Program:  Through the Lens and into the Date: Thursday, July 20th
Time: 9:30-1:30
Fee: $39 pp
Venue: Fly’n B Park

To learn more about this program or register call 303.725.1434 or click here.


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