Delight In Whatever Unfolds For You – Yoga Therapy RX

Delight In Whatever Unfolds For You – Yoga Therapy RX

Everyday we are given an opportunity to delve deep into our senses, feelings, emotions and thoughts.  The moment we open our eyes a new day opens us up to step into the world of wonder.  Before we even leave our bed, we can drop deep into the sensation of self, recognizing the gift of breath, the gift of being alive, and the gift of a new day.  We can explore our own inner world before we take flight into the outer world.  Using this valuable time to acknowledge what we love about ourselves first, invites us to welcome the day in a whole different way.  When we embrace everything that is arriving, we can savor every single moment.  We can even recognize moments of conflict and agitation as opportunities for us to delight in whatever is unfolding around and within us.

Stress is the leading cause of doctor visits in the US today.  Suffering affects all levels of our being – physical, energetic, mental and spiritual.  Suffering starts from within.  As a society, we live in a stress response and we wake up ready to battle.  We begin with an internal fight with ourselves – many times negating our own value and self-worth.  And we bring that energy forward into our day, especially during stressful times like the holidays.   We are the visionaries of the design of our day.    Much like a lotus flower, we can choose to unfold each petal and offer affection, tenderness, kindness, compassion, and more, making room for whatever comes our way.  When we embrace each day with this attitude and awareness, we are doing our part to keep the channels of abundance open for ourselves and others.  With delight go out and enjoy the day.  And, if you are feeling overwhelmed, consider yoga therapy where we can work together to tackle stress from a holistic perspective.  As a yoga therapist, I’ve helped hundreds of clients move from dis-ease to ease in their lives.  Consider unfolding a whole new you in 2018.


NamasteWorks Yoga + Wellness is The Place to Discover Yoga as a Healing Art.  We are a private sanctuary located in the heart of Highlands Ranch that offers specialized private yoga therapy programs, classes, teacher training, workshops and retreats.  Our founder is Nancy Levenson, a certified yoga therapist with a focus on providing wellness to our community.  To inquire about any of our programs, reach us on our contact form, or call us directly at 303.725.1434.

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