We are walking blinks. Most of the time we don’t notice anything from one blink to the other. We walk through our day unaware of those things that are happening all around us. We focus on other things, be it our to-do list, life’s difficulties, or life’s joys. When we live this way, we miss the simple yet profound life that is going on every moment. Flowers are in different stages of life and death, trees are reaching to new heights, bees are busy at work doing their part to contribute to life. And each of these seemingly ordinary moments are whispering to our soul. We may be out of focus with all of these things, but opportunities abound in the moment from one blink to another. The opportunity to capture moments of beauty, and increase our exposure in mind, body and soul. All in that simple and small moment between blinks.

When you open your eyes, what wonders are awaiting your attention? Can you stand in awe of the way the leaves dance in the wind? Or the way the flowers carefully open each petal when the sun warms its heart? Or notice without your eyes and listen to the instruments of nature. The way the leaves rustle with the slightest breeze, or the sound of crunching rocks beneath your feet, or the hymn of the crickets and the babble of the brook. These things all work to refresh our spirits. They have the power to touch the deepest parts of our soul and awaken our creative and inspired self. Nature is calling out to you. How do these things speak to your soul and awaken your magical self? Consider grabbing your camera and joining us to consciously notice the space between the blinks. Consider each click of the shutter a blink and record the beauty around you. See through the lens of your inner self and its connectedness to nature, the beauty all around you and feed your mind, body and soul.

During this four-hour program, you will develop a candid relationship with nature as you explore the beauty of the Highline Canal. With camera in tow, you will be guided to discover the great outdoors and capture the field of the natural world and how these images relate to your inner world of joy. This program includes a 3-mile round-trip hike to capture nature’s images, time for self-contemplation, a heart opening yoga practice, time with community and exploring nature in story and texture. After this morning experience, you will leave with greater vibrancy and intimacy with nature, self and a beautiful heartfelt smile.

Program:  Through the Lens and into the Date: Thursday, July 20th
Time: 9:30-1:30
Fee: $39 pp
Venue: Fly’n B Park

To learn more about this program or register call 303.725.1434 or click here.


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