The Call to Wildness

The Call to Wildness


The call to wildness is real and powerful. What would it take for us to listen and heed the call?  What gifts would be discovered? Could we receive healing? I love this poem for its power to remind me to seek the wildness of not only nature but of my inner self.

Axioms For Wildness

By:  John O’Donohue

Alive to the Thrill

Of the wild.

Meet the dawn

On a mountain.

Wash your face

In the morning dew.

Feel the favor of the earth.

Go out naked in the wind,

Your skin

Almost Aeolian.

With the music inside,

Dance like there is no outside.

Become subtle enough

To hear a tree breathe.

Sleep by the ocean,

Letting yourself unfurl

Like the reeds that swirl

Gradually on the sea floor.

Try to watch a painting from within:

How it holds what it never shows.

The mystery of your face,

Showing what you never see.

See your imagination dawn

Around the rim of your world.

Feel the seamless silk of the ocean

Womb you in ancient buoyancy.

Feel the wild imprint of surprise

When you are taken in by your lover’s eyes.

Succumb to warmth in the heart

Where divine fire glows.

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Courtney O’Malley is a nationally certified counselor who draws upon her therapy experience, mind/body practices, and group counseling techniques to invite people to discover their true self and connection to nature. She guides nature-based self-discovery programs and retreats in the mountains of Colorado.

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