About US

NANCY LEVENSON is founder of NamasteWorks Yoga + Wellness, LLC, a premier provider of mind/body wellness services and NamasteWorks Outdoors.  Nancy’s mantra is helping others, especially women, find and reclaim their inner SPARKLE .   She is a certified yoga therapist  (C-IAYT), nature guide and modern day Sherpa.  Her areas of fascination and expertise, blends classical yoga, energy work, and mind/body therapy with nature, art,  and wild women play,  in guiding clients to discover their own inner light and passion. If she could, she would sprinkle JOY in everyone’s life and remind them of their own true nature.

After her own nervous breakdown, she discovered her path to wellness was rooted in yoga, meditation, and nature work. Today, she calls herself an empath – highly sensitive to the valuable relationship we share with all living things.



COURTNEY O’MALLEY –  is a nationally certified counselor, MA, NCC and Nature and Mind/Body Guide for NamasteWorks Outdoors.

Following the death of her husband, she sought solace in nature. It was there that she received healing, renewal and ultimately transformation. Now, she seeks to find beauty and freedom in her life, and desires deeply to help women find their own theme words that help them live into their truth. Drawing from her therapy experience, mind/body practices, years in the outdoors, she invites women to discover their true self and connection to nature.